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Two Tube Tuesdays Come on in and check out our CLEARANCE BOX for great discounts on lights, tires and other accessories.


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The Team

Al AL Growing up as a kid in Hell's Kitchen in the 1960's wasn't easy. That's when Al first realized that it helps to know how to ride a bike... and ride it fast!! As he grew up (and grew bigger), Hell's Kitchen became less like hell and cycling became more of a pleasure for Al. He spent many years fixing his own bikes and building custom bikes for friends and family in addition to working at his regular day job. He's pretty darn good with a wrench, and can diagnose almost any bicycle malady. Al is also an avid artist, and some of his paintings are hanging in the Museum of Modern Art (just kidding about the museum, but he is a gifted artist). Al was also a world ranked archer, and continues to shoot his bow whenever possible. Prior to opening Al's, Al worked at Greenwich Bicycles in Connecticut and Larry's Bicycle Plus in NYC. He is certified to perform expert fittings using the Fit Kit system, and is a Campagnolo certified mechanic.

James JAMES What can we say about James. He may be one of the best mechanics in NYC (next to Al, of course). He rides to work almost every day, even with a bum knee. He was a professional bike racer from 1963 - 1973 and rode on various pro teams in Belize, Los Angeles and New Mexico. In 1968 he was voted MVP on a Trek riding team. James worked for Frost Bicycle Shop in L.A. from 1973 - 1981 and for Larry & Jeff's in NYC from 1985 - 2007. He stopped working for a little while to spend time with his family who lives in Florida. We were lucky enough to have James join us when Larry sold his store in 2010. If you want something fixed right - James is the guy to see!!

Lance LANCE Lance is the big black dog who blocks the entrance to the store on most days. He serves as our in-house security guard, and all around face licker. As far as labor goes, he is pretty cheap. All he asks for is an occasional biscuit and a lot of love. Most of our customers adore him, some not so much, but he is ours and he's not going anywhere!! We found him 10 years ago on a deserted road in the Catskills, and our lives haven't been the same since.


Marci MARCI A/K/A Mrs. Al, Marci pretty much stays behind the scenes. She handles all of the monthly back-office duties for the store, and tries her best to keep Al calm and happy (which is sometimes all but impossible). Marci also handles all of the charity work and advertising for the store. After a long career in finance, Marci now spends most of her time raising their daughter, Lia, who is now in fourth grade, and also does compliance consulting work for various hedge funds. You know what they say "behind every successful man".