Kleefer Pure 180

High-quality adult folding scooter. Perfect for commuting to work or just scooting around town. One of the most well-made kick scooters on the market, with a stiff aluminum frame and ergonomic riding position

Specs and details

Premium quality Wide retractable T-bar

Diamètre des roues : 180 mm / 7″

Bearing : ABEC 7

Front and rear brake

Size folded : 1020 x 210 x 140 mm

Width of the deck : 140 mm

Height of the deck : 70 mm

Height of the T-bar: 1020 mm

Standard : CE EN 14619

Fold’n Roll, the fastest and easiest on the market : with no hands, 

Trolley mode, you do not need to carry it

2 brakes : rear and front. A brake lever on the right hand, faster, and more precise.

A hill holder brake for a vertical storage (very compact)

A real riding feeling because of the geometry of the system

A wide low deck, less tiring and more balance