It's one thing to sell any type of bike, and quite another to offer the high-performance fit that brings body and machine together in perfect sync. Whether you are riding for fun, for exercise, for commuting or are a professional cyclist, it is imperative that you are comfortable and properly fit to your bicycle. 

Getting the right fit at Al's

Just as people fit in different sized clothes, people also fit on different sized bikes. Knowing your bike size is as important as knowing your shirt size, and just as simple to find out. At Al's Cycle Solutions, Al has been extensively trained on the Fit Kit System, one of the leading fitting companies in the country. All of our Fit Kit tools have been hand built and individually calibrated. 

Before you choose your bike, we determine what size cycle you should be riding by measuring your body and determining your size by utilizing certain measurements and tools. Once you decide on a mountain or road bike, the brand and model of each bike has a different geometry and we help you select the best possible option for you. In the end, you make the final decision of what bike you desire, we simply make sure you fit on it correctly. Fittings are included with the purchase of any road bike. Mountain bikes purchased for $1,000 or more will also receive a free fitting. 

All fits are made by appointment only. Even if you didn't purchase your bike at our store, we offer a number of options for fittings. Feel free to call the shop or email  for more information and to schedule your appointment. 

Quick Fit

Ensures selection of the right frame size and ensures proper adjustment and first-time set-up. This basic fitting costs $39.99, but the fee is waived if you purchase your bike in our store. 


Performance Fit

Measurement of a wider number of bike fit parameters, this includes a computer retrofit, and a goniometer fit. All additional parts to adjust the fit are not included. 


Cleat Fit


Placement of shoe cleat alone, fore-aft and side-to-side. 



Full Retro Fit

This fitting takes approximately two to three hours. You will be asked questions about your comfort level when riding. We will check your positioning, flexibility and ability. You will be able to ride on a trainer in the shop and with Al, to make sure you are totally comfortable. Retro Fits cost $299.99, but are free with the purchase of any bike in our store over $4,500.


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