All estimates are totally free. After you leave your bike with us for repair, we'll call you if the bill will run more than our initial quote, and will not proceed with additional repairs or parts until we receive your approval. Our prices are reasonable, and our service is top of the line. We're strongly committed to the idea that bikes can be a viable choice for transportation, as well as for fitness and recreation! We try our best to get your bike repaired as quickly as possible, and will call you if your bike is ready prior to the time/date we promised you. If we think your bike is beyond repair, we will let you know. If you choose to have it repaired anyway, we will not be responsible if the repair doesn't fix the problem. 

If you rent a bike from us, and end up purchasing a new bike on the same day, your rental payment will be applied towards your new bike purchase. Customers will receive a 10% discount on all accessories purchased at the time of purchase of a new bike from our store.... continued...

Customer Service

We offer lifetime free adjustments on all bikes purchased from us for over $300 (not including any required parts). Bikes purchased for less than $300 will receive three (3) adjustments free of charge (not including any required parts). We stand behind the products we sell, unless problems are the result of abuse or neglect. We will explain this policy to customers as often as possible, and will endeavor to teach customers how to check and maintain their merchandise. Repair and service to bicycles not purchased from our store will be billed at our regular rates, unless it is a follow-up to a repair. 

Exchanges & Returns

We want our customers to leave our store happy, and come back again and again. Our store policy for returned bicycles is subject to a 20% restocking fee. Bikes being returned will also be subject to inspection prior to return, and additional charges may be levied for wear and tear, excessive use or abuse. Should a product not fulfill its promised function, or if it is defective, we will try our best to replace it with the same or similar product prior to offering a refund. If we cannot find a suitable replacement, the sale will be voided and monies refunded in full (subject to restocking fees, if applicable). The form of refund will be the same as that of the original sale. We will provide no refunds or exchanges on bicycles after 10 days.

All special order sales and custom bikes purchased at Al's Cycle Solutions are final.

All other returns/exchanges must be made within 30 days of the original purchase. Your sales receipt must accompany the merchandise being returned or exchanged. Products being returned/exchanged must be new, uninstalled (never been used) and in the original box and packaging. All clothing being returned/exchanged must be unworn and with all tags attached. Shoes cannot be returned if they show wear of any kind including clipless pedal cleats have been installed leaving a mark on the bottom of the shoe. There are no exceptions to the above rules unless previously expressed to the customer in advance of the sale by an employee of Al's Cycle Solutions. Returns on clothing and/or accessories may be assessed a restocking fee at the discretion of management. 

Defective product and/or warranties will be fixed and/or replaced with same or similar product as deemed by the manufacturer or us. An original sales receipt or other proof of purchase must accompany items being returned which are covered by an original warranty. All freight and labor associated with warranties will be covered during the warranty period if the product was purchased from Al's Cycle Solutions. After the original warranty period, or if the customer cannot verify proof of purchase, the customer will be liable for all freight and labor charges associated with the warranty situations unless covered by the manufacturer. For other product not purchased at Al's Cycle Solutions that a customer wishes us send to manufacturers for warranty consideration, the customer will be liable for all freight, handling and labor charges associated with the warranty consideration of such product. 

Important Notice

Bicycle owners will be charged a daily storage rate for all bicycles brought in for repair and left for more than 3 days after the repair is complete.