Our customers are part of the Al's family. Whether you are shopping for a new bike, getting fitted, looking for a new helmet, or just popping in to pick up an energy bar, we've got what you need. Our customers shout us out, so should you. Send us your thoughts on your visit to the shop.

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Our Customers Are Saying About Us!

Marcus W.

Three years later, I'll still vouch for Al and his team. I've bought two bikes from Al, and they've helped me keep things maintained on both. They've also been great when I've had to stop in for emergency repairs... in and out... and back on my rides.

Anna G.

All guys at Al's are attentive and helpful. Since I don't know much about bikes, they give me recommendations and answer all of my questions. I got accessories from there as well - a helmet, a baskets, and a bell so far - all at a good price =) I'm looking forward to biking to work again this summer & stopping by at Al's to see his dog.

Sam D. 

I'm no bike professional but I commute daily year round and often need repairs which they were are able to accommodate that same day while I was at work. Dropped the bike off in the morning, picked it up in the evening. This place is a true family business and I believe they treat it as such. When the time comes to purchase a new bike they will be the top of my list. If you find they are more expensive than what you might find online, remember that customer support with bike tuning at your local shop can be priceless, which you cannot get that service online.

Liz K.

Here are some things I love about Al's: The mechanic is great. He's both trustworthy and talented. This is by far the most important quality in a bike shop. He's knowledgable but doesn't rub it in your face. He's sweet and kind and goes out of his way to help, like the time my friend was running late in the rain to drop off her bike and he waited for her and brought the bike in even though he's already locked up. A++++ guy. 

Beth G.

Stopped by today after a crash and the guys fixed my bike right up, and even tightened my breaks, all for a fair price. Being 20 miles from home with a broken bike, I really lucked out. Thanks for the help!!

Jacob M.

I recently visited Al's for a new bike to use for commuting to work from Queens to midtown. After explaining to the staff exactly what I would be using the bike for, they made a couple recommendations and gave me the pros and cons of each. When they asked me for my budget, I told them I was looking to spend between $600 and $800. After going over three different models from three different manufacturers, I took a Cannondale Quick 4 for a test drive. I loved the bike.  The staff was very helpful in finding the right accessories. 

Kurt V. 

When I walked in the owner greeted me right away. I mentioned my bike was stolen and told him my budget and he picked out a few bikes, within my budget, for me to try. After a few test rides the bike mechanic did some fine tuning in the back while I chatted with the owners wife and daughter and pet the dog. Excellent salesmanship, good selection and really nice people hanging out. I highly recommend this bike shop.

Riley S.

THIS SHOP IS AMAZING!! Classic NY bike shop with amazing employees and service. Ask for Jaun, he's very passionate and informative on any bike related topics and could answer all your questions. Give this shop a shot, it will not disappoint.

Paolo M.

Gawd, what a breath of fresh air this bike store is compared to the other places I've been to in NYC. Knowlegeable and no pressure attitude here! I came in to inquire about renting bikes from my friends and I to go take a tour of the perimeter of Manhattan island.  Prices are reasonable, and they had a decent selection of road bikes including a Scattante and a Cannondale in my size.  Al was great.  Laid-back and easy to talk to, like the kind of neighbor you can go to get advice.  So, don't be afraid to ask Al your questions. Al gave me a sweet deal, and fitted me properly for the bike. 

Lauren W. 

I am so happy I found this place... or should I say they found me! I live in the neighborhood and new to riding a bike with clip in shoes.  As I was attempting to ride down to the river, I couldnt remember how to use the pedals and I kept falling down.  Luckily, Shawn (the mechanic at Al's) saw me struggling and came over and retaught me how to use clip ins.  He told me to go down to Al's and practice on the bike trainer as long as I needed.  Of course I ruined my bike chain from falling so they also gave me a free tune up and let me stay on the trainer for about an hour.  After I felt more confident they practiced with me outside until I felt completely comfortable. They were so nice and I will definitely make this my new bike store in the future! :)

Matt E.

Al's is now my go to place in Manhattan to get things worked on. Other shops I've dealt with nickel and dime you to death, try to up sell you on work done that you don't truly need, or are just so busy that the simplest procedure needs to be dropped off and picked up at a much later time. None of these are the case with Al's. The place is small and packed with bikes and gear but at the same time it's a clean and modern shop. I found some of the merchandise to be marked up quite a bit but not everything, so do your research. They're not overly friendly or helpful here but they aren't condescending or mean either, just a balanced hands off approach. I loved their sweet old black lab that just sprawls out in the store